Student supervision

– Internship of Aidan Paradis on the inventory of Vespidae in Thailand (2014- 2 Weeks; AMNH, New York)

– Training of Muzafar Shah on Sanger sequencing on the Vespidae diversity in Pakistan (2014 – 2 Months; AMNH, New York)

– Two successive fellowships of Adrien Quiles on microsatellite genotyping and mitochondrial sequencing of populations of two Vespa species (2011 – 1 Month.  2012 – 1 Month; MNHN, Paris / LEGS, Gif-Sur-Yvette)

Class teaching

I was teacher assistant for 3 years during my Ph.D. and worked on various topics.

  • Statistics (Undergraduates): 20 hours/year.
  • Training course of basics of phylogeny (highschool students / teachers) 20 hours/year
  • Course of 12 hours/year of R software initiation / application.
  • Course of 3 hours/year in geometric morphometrics (Undergradutes / Graduates )
  • Training course of 2 hours/year Urban biodiversity (Elementary school teachers)

Online courses

The MNHN offers online courses and activities for school teachers. I developed two of these courses:

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