Curriculum Vitae

Born: 1986, December 1st
French Citizen
Male, single
Driver’s licence


2009-12  PhD in Evolution of living forms (awarded on October 1st).
.                Institution: Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris
.                Department: Systematic & Evolution.
.                Advisors: C. Villemant (MNHN) & J.M. Carpenter (AMNH)
.                Subject: Wing venation, phylogeny and taxonomy of the genus Vespa (Hymenoptera: Vespidae)
2009       Master of Science in Science of the Universe, Environment and Ecology
.                Institution: University of Pierre & Marie Curie, Paris
.                Fellowship: American Museum of Natural History, New York
2007       Bachelor of Biology of Organisms and Biosphere
.                Institution: University of Paul-Sabatier, Toulouse


2017-now Maître de conférence:
.                 Study of the diversity of bees and wasps
.                 Teaching of ecology, entomology and evolution
.                 Employer: University Paris Diderot, Paris, France.

2016 – 17  Post-Doctoral fellowship at the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle:
.                 Mimicry and evolution of a community of bees and wasps from South Corsica
.                 Employer: Colin Fontaine, CNRS-MNHN, Paris, France.
.                 Funding: Labex BCDiv.

2015         Adjunct professor at Columbia University: Core Curiculum
.                “Frontiers of Science”
.                 Employer: Ivana Hughes, Columbia University, New York, USA.

2013 – 15 Post-Doctoral fellowship at the American Museum of Natural History:
.                 Wing shape variation in social wasps: A new character for phylogenetic reconstruction?
.                 Employer: James M. Carpenter, AMNH, New York, USA.
.                 Funding: Gerstner Scholar / Kalbfleisch fellowship.

2012 -13  Short-term contracts (150h): Identification of insects in Oise Amber.
.                 Employer: André Nel, MNHN, Paris, France.


2017       Labex BCDiv fieldwork grant (Co-PI : 11 500 €, Paris, France)
2016       Labex BCDiv Postdoctoral fellowship (96 245 €, Paris, France)
2013       Gerstner Scholar and Kalbfleish Fellowship (45,457 $, AMNH, New York, USA)
2011        ATM “Formes possibles – formes réalisées” (Co-PI: 4,000 €, Paris, France)
2010        Eole Grant (500 €, Leiden, The Netherlands)
.                Germaine Cousin Grant (1,000 €, Paris, France)
2009       Governmental PhD Grant (72,526 €, Paris, France)
.                Annette Kade Fellowship (6,000 $, AMNH, New York, USA)


• Geometric morphometrics analyses
• Microsatellite analyses
• Phylogenetic analyses
• Taxonomic identification
• Shape measurements (landmark 2D, 3D)
• R / Matlab programming
• DNA extraction
• Genotype / Sequence editing
• Insect collection management
• Insect community monitoring

• French (native language)
• English: Read/Write/Speak/Understand
• R Read/Write (Still difficulties to speak it)


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